5.01    NEW SINGLE - “The Only Heart I Have” released


4.09    NEW SINGLE - “Now I Don't Care” with Kino Carey released

4.02     KRIS JAMES NEW SINGLE - "Forever Forever - Japanese version released (lyrics and AI)


3.08     NEW SINGLE - "End Scene - 卒業の日 (Sotsugyo no Hi)" feat. Kanoa released

3.01     NEW SINGLE - "End Scene" released

1.26     NEW SINGLE - "Undream It All" released



12.27 NEW SINGLE - “Undream It” released

10.20  NEW REMIX - Zahra Deljoui “Love Is Love” (Maydenfield Remix)

10.13  NEW SINGLE - "Made In Shibuya" released

9.13     NEW SINGLE - "Baby Dragon Bite" released

8.09    "Cruising" Instrumental released

8.08    "Cruising" music video released

8.02     NEW SINGLE - "Cruising" - Mel J & Maydenfield released

6.07     NEW TRACK - "Somebody You Don't Want To Be" Instrumental released

5.26     NEW SINGLE - "Somebody You Don't Want To Be" feat. Stephanie Myrum released

4.21     NEW SINGLE - "Gods Can Cry" feat. KINO released

3.17     NEW SINGLE - "Killer Killer Star" feat. K Rhen released



4.06     NEW ANIME SOUNDTRACK - "Rusted Armors" (錆色のアーマ) produced by Maydenfield

4.06     NEW SINGLE - "After The Climb" feat. Sakiyama Tsubasa released

4.06     NEW SINGLE - "Misdirection" feat. Yuki Kamisato released

3.28     NHK World "Soundscapes of Japan" - Episode 3

             Watch/stream here: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/special/episode/202203281030/

2.11     Maydenfield MC's NHK World "Soundscapes of Japan" - Episode 2

             Watch/stream here: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/3004826/

1.4       Maydenfield MC's NHK World "Soundscapes of Japan" - Episode 1

            Watch/stream here: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/3004806/

1.4       New anime "Rusted Armors" (錆色のアーマ)  released on Amazon Prime, MXTV and Fuji TV  

            (Maydenfield produced the soundtrack)

1.1       Maydenfield becomes MC of brand new TV show on NHK World: "Soundscapes of Japan"



10.16   OFFICIAL - Maydenfield to produce the anime soundtrack to "Rusted Armors)

8.03     CONFIRMED - Maydenfield to produce new anime soundtrack

3.26     NEW SINGLE - "Miles Away From Language" feat. lisakay released

2.12     NEW SINGLE - "Way Too Deep" feat. Xai released

1.8       NEW SINGLE - "Never Coming Down" feat. KINO released 



12.18   Maydenfield in Japanese movie "Nippon Dokuritsu" at cinemas nationwide


10.2     NEW SINGLE - "Truth Is Not For Sale" feat. Stephanie released 

9.18     NEW SINGLE - Hase Miho x Maydenfield +YOU "IM2020" released for streaming

9.4       NEW SINGLE - Hase Miho x Maydenfield "IM2020" released for download

8.26     Maydenfield feat. KINO "Love With a D" (KINO REMIX) released

8.21     FM Yokohama, live from 10pm with DJ Imalu

8.12     Interview with Happier CEO Nataly Kogan about the concept of "Love With a D"

8.8       Inter FM, live from 8pm with DJ Ai Iwasaki

8.6      Inter FM, live from 12pm with DJ Guy Perryman

8.2      Promo audio video for new single "Love With a D" released

8.1      Promo video for new single "Love With a D" released

7.31    NEW SINGLE - "Love With a D" feat. KINO released

7.29    Instagram Live from 11pm, with KINO

7.28    Inter FM recording, with DJ Inoue Yosuke 

7.26    YouTube Live from 11am, with KINO